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The Key to Understanding Scotland

The key to understanding Scottish politics is not to think in terms of right and left but in terms of right and wrong


Front cover of The Economist : "The price of Scottish Independence: It'll cost you"

Bridge to Europe

Cartoon of a fearless Scottish lion standing up to John Bull at the bridge to Europe

Too Wee, Too Poor, Too Stupid

Cartoon of hot air balloon with Hamish the Lion cutting loose the Too Wee, Too Poor, Too Stupid weights

What Savings can an Independent Scotland make?

An independent Scotland would not have to contribute millions to the UK's nuclear weapons

Who should Decide the Government of Scotland?

MPs elected by the South-East of England vastly outnumber Scottish MPs in Westminster.

Will Scotland Continue to be a Member of the EU?

Answering questions on an independent Scotland's relationship with the EU

Yearly Tax Drain from Scotland

From a 1964 article in the The Daily Telegraph: the Church of Scotland wants an explanation for the annual tax drain from Scotland

How MPs Voted on the Benefits Cut

Scotland Opposed it. Westminster imposed it.

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