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Plone SEO: Page Title Tag Customization

A quick fix to decouple the document title from the site title

Plone: Add Contact Link to Global Navigation

If you would like to display Plone's built-in contact form in a more prominent position, here is how to add it to the global navigation bar:

Plone: Hide the Login Button

If the content of your Plone site is not editable by the general public, there is no point in displaying the login link to non-authenticated users.

Plone for Dummies

Setting up this website has been a huge learning exercise with the help of a friendly system administrator and the Plone Mailing List.

Plone: Add a Custom Style Sheet

OpenStreetMap with Location Marker

OpenStreetMap is a free to use mapping service, maintained by a group of volunteers in a manner similar to Wikipedia.

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