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Media Launch of September March

Scottish Parliament, Holyrood Poster Van Everyone is invited to join the media launch, which takes place outside the Scottish Parliament, to show support for the forthcoming March + Rally in September.

OpenStreetMap with Location Marker

OpenStreetMap is a free to use mapping service, maintained by a group of volunteers in a manner similar to Wikipedia.

Scottish Referendum Debate Programme

The programme will feature a panel of politicians and experts and members of the audience can take part in the debate.

Launch of Yes Scotland Campaign

It will be the biggest community based campaign in our history and will take the case for Scotland being independent into every community across our country.

Debate: It’s time to let Scotland go

This event has been organized by the Spectator and is chaired by Andrew Neil.

BBC Pacific Quay Protest

The demonstration seeks to draw attention to the inadequacies of the BBC's reporting of topics surrounding Scotland's constitutional future and demand balanced coverage in the run-up to the Scottish independence referendum in 2014.

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