Yes Edinburgh: "Talking Independence"

A training session for Yes Scotland activists to enhance campaign abilities

Yes Scotland in Munlochy

Come and help with the Yes Scotland campaign in Munlochy!

Yes Scotland in Avoch

Yes Scotland are setting up a stall in Avoch to provide information about Scottish independence and collect signatures for the Yes Declaration.

Who should Decide the Government of Scotland?

MPs elected by the South-East of England vastly outnumber Scottish MPs in Westminster.

Yes Scotland in Nairn

The Yes Nairn campaigners are setting up a street stall in the High Street to provide information about Scottish independence and collect signatures for the Yes Declaration.

Will Scotland Continue to be a Member of the EU?

Answering questions on an independent Scotland's relationship with the EU

Conversation with John Swinney MSP

Come along to discuss the benefits of independence with Finance Secretary John Swinney

Save your old Yes Declaration Cards

Get address stickers with Yes Scotland's new Glasgow address for your Yes Declaration postcards

SSP Meeting on Independence

Why you will be better off with Independence

Yearly Tax Drain from Scotland

From a 1964 article in the The Daily Telegraph: the Church of Scotland wants an explanation for the annual tax drain from Scotland

Yes Scotland in Inverness

Providing information to the public about Scottish independence and gathering signatures for the Yes Declaration

Yes Scotland in Fort William

The Yes Lochaber team will be providing information on the benefits of independence and collect signatures for the Yes Declaration

How MPs Voted on the Benefits Cut

Scotland Opposed it. Westminster imposed it.

Yes Highland Meeting

Discussing the next steps of the Yes Scotland campaign in the Highland region

Scrap Trident: Blockade of Faslane

An independent Scotland provides the opportunity to rid the British Isles of nuclear weapons

Scrap Trident: Glasgow Demonstration

Anti-nuclear groups call for action as Scotland holds the key to the future of Trident.

Conversation with Dennis Canavan

Chair of the Yes Scotland Advisory Board, Dennis Canavan, will be talking about Scottish Independence.

Seminar: Energy Policy and Constitutional Change

Half-day seminar exploring the significance of energy autonomy for an independent Scotland in an interdependent world Launched web site launched to act as a focal point for Yes campaigning in the Highland area

Yes Scotland Inaugural Meeting - Glasgow

Meeting to establish local Yes group for Glasgow

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