High Visibility Yes Campaign

Be instantly recognised as a Yes Scotland campaigner when you are out leafleting, door knocking or manning a street stall!

We have only a few weeks to make sure the Yes Campaign makes a big impact. There are thousands of Yes activists working in their communities and they need to be seen.

This can be achieved easily and at very little cost: I have created a selection of Yes Logo designs to be printed on blue Hi Vis vests (sometimes known as Safety Vests). These are the kind of vests used by construction workers and emergency service personnel except they are blue rather than the standard yellow. Many local Yes Scotland teams have been wearing these vests and found themĀ  highly effective.

With the custom printed blue waistcoat you are instantly recognizable as a Yes Scotland representative and as a group when operating a stall. Unlike T-shirts or hoodies, the vests can be worn all-year round - over a blouse or shirt in the summer and on top of a water-proof jacket in the winter - and they come at a much lower price.


Design Options

I created five different designs. Click on the image below to view a larger version.

Code Text
2014 Yes 2014
SCOT Yes Scotland
SC14 Yes Scotland 2014
INDY Yes to Independence
URL YesScotland.net

It is possible to use the front of one design with the rear of another design.


The HiViz vests are made from 100% polyester fabric with a velcro fastening. The reflective tape around body and shoulders is 50mm wide. The armholes are large enough to fit over a coat.

The logo on the back between the shoulders is roughly A4-sized in landscape format. The logo on the chest is approximately 11x9cm.

Size Guide

Size XS S M L XL 2XL 3XL 4XL
Chest 78-84cm 92cm -100cm -108cm -116cm -124cm -132cm -140cm

The length of the vest is approximately 74cm.

I recommend you select one size up from your usual as you will frequently be wearing the waistcoat on top of a coat. For example, for a size 12 lady, I recommend "L". The gentlemen in our local campaign group all chose "XL".

Please, note that custom printed vests cannot be returned unless the garment is faulty.

Where to Buy

The HiVis Yes vests are available in our new online shop.


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