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You are here: Home / Technology / Plone: Hide the Login Button

Plone: Hide the Login Button

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How to remove the login button for anonymous users

Plone IconIf the content of your Plone site is not editable by the general public, there is no point in displaying the login link to non-authenticated users.


Remove Login Action

Plone: User Login Action
Plone: User Login Action

To remove the login button,

  • go to Site SetupZope Management Interface
  • navigate to portal_actions/user
  • edit the login action
  • untick the Visible? check box

While this will hide the login facility from the visiting public, the personal tools menu will still remain accessible for the logged-in user.

Those who need access to the site, can simply bookmark the site's /login[1] page.

Hide the Personal Bar

Plone: Manage Viewlets
Plone: Manage Viewlets
Alternatively, if you don't want to delve into the ZMI, you can hide the personal bar via the viewlet manager at /portal_actions/@@manage-viewlets.

However, this has the disadvantage that it will also affect authenticated users as links to Dashboard, Preferences and Site Setup will no longer be conveniently accessible from the personal tools drop-down menu.

  1. ^ Plone 3 and earlier versions use /login_form.
  2. This process has been tested with Plone 4.1
2012-07-26 00:20
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