Yes Whatever Your Colour!

Yes Scotland is a broad-based campaign for an independent Scotland reaching out to people of a wide political spectrum and diverse backgrounds. It seems to me that the all-inclusive nature of the campaign is symbolized by a logo, which was right from the outset provided in a variety of colours: One shape in many colours - one goal for many people.

It is time to take the campaign out from political blogs and into the wider community, to create a presence of a Yes to Scottish independence, a Yes which is socially acceptable, economically viable and politically desirable. In time the logo will become a widely recognized symbol for the Scottish independence campaign.

Yes Logo in Lots of Different Colours

This site is providing the Yes Scotland logo in lots of different colours and in a great range of sizes. Some of the logo sets have a transparent background,  which is ideal for overlays. The small square images provided can be used as avatars.

Be creative! There are lots of blogs and fora where avatars and web links can be displayed.

Choose a colour combination to suit your website, personality, nationality, football team or political hue!

More colour schemes and formats to follow.

Sample Logo Set

Below you can see some of the size and text combinations provided.

Yes  Logo Samples


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