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You are here: Home / Politics / Repository / Bridge to Europe

Bridge to Europe

Cartoon of a fearless Scottish lion standing up to John Bull at the bridge to Europe

Bridge to Europe


"So you think you'll just walk in, do you?," says John Bull[1] to the wee Scottish lion as they are standing at the bridge to Europe, which the man is about to blow up.

The cartoon appeared the day after David Cameron's promise of an "in or out" referendum on Britain's EU membership[2] and after months of scaremongering about an independent Scotland facing EU application.


The Cartoon is © Chris Cairns 2013. It was published on 24th January 2013 by Wings Over Scotland in the article Bull Bridge. It was the first cartoon on the site. The lion was christened Hamish on the same thread.

  1. ^ The burly cartoon character John Bull originated in the early 18th century as a personification of Britain in general or England in particular.
  2. ^ David Cameron's EU speech at Bloomberg
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