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A collection of campaign materials and background information in support of Scottish independence
How MPs Voted on the Benefits Cut
Scotland Opposed it. Westminster imposed it.
Yearly Tax Drain from Scotland
From a 1964 article in the The Daily Telegraph: the Church of Scotland wants an explanation for the annual tax drain from Scotland
Will Scotland Continue to be a Member of the EU?
Answering questions on an independent Scotland's relationship with the EU
Who should Decide the Government of Scotland?
MPs elected by the South-East of England vastly outnumber Scottish MPs in Westminster
What Savings can an Independent Scotland make?
An independent Scotland would not have to contribute millions to the UK's nuclear weapons
Too Wee, Too Poor, Too Stupid
Cartoon of hot air balloon with Hamish the Lion cutting loose the Too Wee, Too Poor, Too Stupid weights
Bridge to Europe
Cartoon of a fearless Scottish lion standing up to John Bull at the bridge to Europe
Front cover of The Economist : "The price of Scottish Independence: It'll cost you"
The Key to Understanding Scotland
The key to understanding Scottish politics is not to think in terms of right and left but in terms of right and wrong
Tonight on Reporting Scotland
Cartoon of Hamish the Lion being bored stiff with diet of murders and football served by BBC Reporting Scotland
Should Scotland go and **** itself?
A Fill-In-The-Blanks puzzle courtesy of The Guardian
Isn't Scotland subsidised by the UK?
Scotland has been contributing to the UK economy over and above its share.
Scotland - The Only Separate Country
A map showing the normality of independence
Scottish Labour Out
A sign of things to come
Westminster isn't Working for Children
More than 20% of Scottish children grow up in poverty
Cutting Out Westminster
Cuts in welfare. Cuts in services. Cuts in jobs. It's time to cut something else.
Chris Cairns Cartoons
Hamish and friends make regular appearances in these exquisitely drawn and insightful cartoons from Chris Cairns
Doomsayer Alistair Darling
Cartoon of fear mongering leader of the No Scotland Campaign
Scottish Lib Dems - No Entry
Average Tax Generated per Person
Scotland more than pays its way
Westminster isn't Working for Women
37 years after the Equal Pay Act 1970, women still earn £5,600 less on average than men
That's a Bad Thing?
An independent Scotland, with oil reserves, would become the third richest country in the EU
Do You Believe This Man?
Alistair Darling, who backed two illegal wars, flipped his homes, mistakenly claimed expenses, and quadrupled UK debt in two years
BBC Impartial Debate?
The independence referendum debate requires equal media exposure for both sides
One Pound for Wingsland
Hamish the Lion calls Wingsland readers to arms
Fuel Poverty in Energy Rich Scotland
One in three Scottish households face fuel poverty
Jackie Bird & Brian Taylor
Cartoon satirizing continued BBC bias
A3 Posters
A collection of images available for download in A3 PDF poster format. Great for Yes Scotland campaign stalls!
Disabled Scots Hit by Bedroom Tax
80% of Scottish households which are affected by the under-occupancy penalty include an adult with a disability
Westminster Oil Mismanagement
Westminster has wasted 40 years of Scotland's oil. Don't let them waste 40 more.
Yes Scotland Graphics
Info graphics created and published by Yes Scotland
Good Oil, Bad Oil
Cartoon satirizing the spin about North Sea oil revenues being bad for an independent Scotland

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