September BBC Pacific Quay Protest

Note: This event has been cancelled. No further demos are planned.

Blatant BBC Bias Demonstration, September Poster

The group that held the July demonstration at BBC Scotland's head-quarters have scheduled the next event for September. This protest will be one of a series intending to expose the anti-independence bias of the state broadcaster. The campaigners are planning to demonstrate every two months in order to continue the pressure on the BBC for a fair representation of the independence debate.

Attendees are invited to bring along banners and flags in support of Scottish independence. The demo is scheduled to start at 11am and continues until 3pm, but those unable to stay for the duration are welcome to join in for as long as possible.

A photo shoot is planned to take place at around midday. It would be particularly good if those who cannot stay for the entire demo could be there for the photo shoot.

How to Get There

40 Pacific Quay
Glasgow G51 1DA

Map: BBC, Pacific Quay, Glasgow
BBC, Pacific Quay, Glasgow


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