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You are here: Home / Politics / Save your old Yes Declaration Cards
You are here: Home / Politics / Save your old Yes Declaration Cards

Save your old Yes Declaration Cards

Get address stickers with Yes Scotland's new Glasgow address for your Yes Declaration postcards

Yes Declaration Card
Yes Declaration Card
In 2012, Yes Scotland provided Yes Declaration cards to be handed out to those who weren't ready to sign the Yes Declaration on the spot. The postcards were addressed to Yes Scotland's initial Edinburgh address.

Address Labels

Their mail is no longer being redirected from Edinburgh to the new headquarters in Glasgow. However, do not throw away your old Declaration cards: just contact Yes Scotland to obtain address stickers.

Print your own Labels

Alternatively, print your own address stickers if you have the facility:

  • download yes-scotland-address-labels_L7654.pdf
  • purchase Avery L7654 compatible labels
  • run a test print onto plain paper to make sure the positioning is correct; adjust printer options if necessary.

The easiest thing is to search ebay for L7654 labels; ten sheets of fourty compatible labels can be bought for as little as £2.34.

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